Tooling Focused
The demands of the tooling industry are rigorous and strict. It goes without saying that tools must be precise, tough, and manufactured to close tolerances. You can trust in Harcourt® certified products to perform to the highest standards. Save time with unique, standard designs created for your specific applications. Our products and knowledge are specific to the tooling industry, so everything is designed to meet your needs.
Custom Tooling Details
Need something beyond standard? Let us know, and we'll create a custom design! Custom and special products are a specialty at Harcourt®. Give us your challenges and we'll create a custom solution for you! Harcourt® has the ability to handle all your component needs, be it an OEM specification, industry standard, or custom make-to-print. We have the capabilities, equipment, experience, and knowledge to ensure you receive exactly what you need.
The Right Solution
What are your specific service needs? Harcourt is here to support and assist you. We work with our clients closely to find unique solutions to their challenges. Prior to shipment, each and every Harcourt product is inspected to our high quality standards. Once the products have met the satisfaction of our experienced inspectors, they will sign the Certificate of Conformance which is included with every Harcourt® shipment.